RACI matrix for teamwork in lean projects !

RACI matrix is a simple way of assigning various tasks and responsibilities to the members of the project so that each task can be done carefully (without repetition) and is accountable with measures to consult in case of troubles. It is used to clarify roles and responsibilities in a cross-functional project amongst various stakeholders (people Read more about RACI matrix for teamwork in lean projects ![…]

POKA YOKE/Mistake proofing

The name Poka Yoke (in Japanese for mistake proofing) was coined and formalized by Shigeo Shingo in 1960.  This concept was first used in Toyota  to check the occurrence of simple mistakes. Shigeo Shingo used this concept to avoid the workers to miss  assembling the springs in the switches. Consequently, a lot of switches had Read more about POKA YOKE/Mistake proofing[…]

Monte Carlo Simulation: Uses in Industrial applications

A Pharmaceutical company’s case study: Use of MONTE CARLO SIMULATION as a PROSPECTIVE WAY of improving content uniformity and selection of right excipients! We live in a world full of uncertainty! Often, it’s near impossible to test the efficiency of a product or include all processing parameters in building uniformity in a product by repeating Read more about Monte Carlo Simulation: Uses in Industrial applications[…]