August 3, 2018

About Us

Our Approach

Dream makes a beautiful cake with salty sweat and ingredients of determination. Dreams pave your destiny. Every revolution in the history and every birth of ideas that brings Tsunami in socio-economic culture starts with a dream. If the dreaming component wasn’t there why would the crowd gather on the march on Washington led by Martin Luthar King? Legendary rocket scientist (known as missile man of India) and ex-president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam once said ‘Dreams aren’t what you see in sleep. They are the things that don’t let you sleep.’But can dreams alone make multi-million successful companies that started from scratch like Panasonic/Microsoft/Alibaba? There must be a lean way to manage wastes in production, improve customer satisfaction in business and reap off the profits. This blog will guide you to the tips and resources that help you excel in the business journey. We also provide the announcement of lean and six sigma training scholarships online through this page.
‘Let’s transform the startups the lean way !’

Our Story

So many people reach our team to help them in start ups, managing the business wastes and lean business growth. We encourage them to take the six sigma and lean growth courses. However many of these courses are very costly yet demanding. We thought of an idea to let these startups grow providing them courses online for free with scholarships and certifications. We have a unique teaching system with over 100 case studies in different disciplines of business, service, industry and healthcare. Now many of our business partners in developing countries are implementing our lean pathway and creating an automation in their business with free management tools and techniques. With all those goodwill this page will tutor you with tips and techniques for growing a lean business ! Learn the original lean management and six sigma tools from professionals of Japan !

Meet the Core Team

We are a team independently working Lean specialists, Six sigma black and master black belt champions, Quality Assurance specialists, Formulation Scientists, Engineers, Health Specialists, Marketing and Business Graphics and designing crew who are all involved in making the lean concept of business and industrial management reach the audience. We help you in your lean business growth journey and six sigma certification exams.

Phar. Gunjan Subedi

Founder & CEO/ Lean Six sigma and Quality Assurance Specialist

Gunjan has more than a decade of direct experiences in lean project management in industries. With 9 published books on lean business growth and industrial management, he also manages 19 online course on six sigma and lean business transformation.  He is also involved in designing and developing robust processes for the manufacture and analysis of drug and cosmetic products, implementation of WHO and JP quality standards and overall system of drug and cosmetics manufacture using Total Quality Management (TQM), Kaizen techniques, six-sigma and lean tools such as Poka-yoke, Kanban, Jidoka, JIT , Heijunka and stat QC tools.

Anita Bhattarai

Marketing Manager/Lean Health Specialist

Anita is young, dynamic and charismatic person who is the chief marketing manager of Lean Growth Inc. She is also the curriculum developer and presenter for Lean Green Belt (Healthcare) program.

Paul Smith

Lean specialist/ Project Manager

Paul has a huge exposure of six sigma coaching and has 15 years of lean project experiences. His experiences as a project champion in many projects laid the foundation of teaching with case study in

Approaching Deadline

The deadline for the next round of Cohort Action II Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Scholarship is approaching ! Please apply