Takt time, Takt time calculator, Takt time excel

Takt time is rate and pace of production of something to meet the customers’ requirement. It denotes the RATE and PACE of production TAKT time= Planned production time/ Customers’ Demand It gives an idea about what should be the production rate so that customer’s demand are adequately met. To understand takt time in depth let’s Read more about Takt time, Takt time calculator, Takt time excel[…]

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a Strategic Improvement System and a Core Component of TQM (Total Quality Management) It originated during the 1960s and evolved from Statistical Quality Control techniques. Hoshin simply means Policy, Principle, Direction and Kanri means Supervision, Administration, Management In Japanese term, Hoshin means shining needle pointing direction, as in compass and Kanri means Read more about Hoshin Kanri[…]


What is a Muda? Muda is a Japanese word meaning futility or uselessness Two types of Muda Muda Type I: non value-adding, but necessary for end-customers. These are usually harder to eliminate because while classified as non-value adding, they may still be necessary. For example, while an end-customer might not view quality inspection in car Read more about MUDA[…]