DMAIC Process

DMAIC Process is quality and improvement strategy used in Six sigma and Lean six sigma projects for the attainment of any particular solution. It is composed of five distinct phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control

D-Define in DMAIC Process

  • Project is defined- This also includes defining the problem (type, size and nature of the problem), improvement activity, opportunity for improvement, the project goals, and customer (internal and external) requirements.
  • Team is selected (sponsor, champion and different six sigma belts). We will deal with this later
  • Project is launched


  1. Problem statement is developed
  2. Process risk assessment is performed
  3. Stakeholder analysis is performed
  4. Team is developed
  5. Availability of the resources and financial figures are checked
  6. Project charter is made and approved
  7. Others are improved about the project

M-Measure in DMAIC Process

In this stage current process performance, Critical to Quality metrics are measured.


  1. Data collection plan is developed
  2. Process mapping is done
  3. Measurement system validation is done
  4. Data are measured using various tools
  5. Overall Equipment effectiveness is measured

A-Analyze in DMAIC Process

 In this stage, the root causes of the variation and defects are analysed carefully.


  1. Listing out all the causes of the problem is done
  2. Likely possible causes are organized.
  3. Shortlisting of the likely possible causes is done.
  4. A data collection plan for the analysis is developed.
  5. Possible cause is validated.

Improve in DMAIC Process

In this stage solutions to the inherent problems are developed, the performance of the project is improved and the root causes of the problem are eliminated/reduced.


  1. Generation of possible solution of the problem causes is done
  2. Evaluation of different alternatives of the solution is done
  3. Right alternative is selected
  4. Project is implemented

C-Control in DMAIC Process

In the Control phase, controls are established to ensure that our improvements or gains are sustainable.

  1. Control chart and control plans are made
  2. Changes in defect, prices, time etc are recorded.
  3. A3 reports and final six sigma reports are made and signed.

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