Takt time, Takt time calculator, Takt time excel

Takt time is rate and pace of production of something to meet the customers’ requirement.

It denotes the RATE and PACE of production

TAKT time= Planned production time/ Customers’ Demand

It gives an idea about what should be the production rate so that customer’s demand are adequately met.

To understand takt time in depth let’s see a scenario where

  • Production requirement per month=120000 units
  • Actual working day/month=22
  • Daily production requirement=5454.54 units (120000/22)
  • Daily Production time= 8 hours- (2×30 minutes break)= 7 hours
  • Number of shifts=2

Calculating takt time

First of all we should calculate the total daily production time=7×2=14 hours

                                                =14×60=840 minutes

Takt time= Daily production time/daily production requirement

                 =(840 min/day)/(5454.54 units/day)

                 =0.154 min/unit

                 =9.24 seconds/unit

This means in order to meet the customers’ demand we draw out a box of item every 9.24 seconds out of the end/packing line.

There are various benefits of takt time. Some of them are:

  • Keeping track of production rates
  • Checking over production
  • Managing overtime
  • Making it easier for planning
  • Generating fewer errors
  • Improving price management


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